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Writer Compatibility Chart

The following information comes the writer's respective manufacturer's website and additional options on the writer may need to be set in order to start realtime in Case CATalyst.  If you need assistance with your writer, please consult your writer documentation or contact the manufacturer.

Writer Model Read Disk Serial Realtime USB Realtime WiFi Realtime Bluetooth
Revolution Grand No Yes.  Select "Baron TX" Yes No Yes
Gemini by Neutrino No Yes.  Select "Baron TX" Yes No Yes
Infinity Traditional by Neutrino N/A Yes.  Select "Baron TX" N/A No N/A
Stylus by ProCat Yes.  Select "Smartwriter" Yes.  Select "Smartwriter" N/A N/A N/A
Lightspeed Yes.  Select "Stentura" N/A Yes.  Select "Baron TX" No Yes.  Select "Baron TX"
Passport Yes.  Select "Stentura" Yes.  Select "Baron TX' Yes.  Select "Baron TX' No Yes.  Select "Stenograph Writer serial/Bluetooth"

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