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Associate an Audio file in Case CATalyst

  1. Open the job and go to Tools, Audio, Associate Audio File (Alt-t, a, f).

  2. The Choose Audio File: dialog box will display.  Select the file you would like to associate and click Open.

  3. A new dialog window will appear asking if the audio was recorded with CaseCatalyst.

    • Select Yes if the audio file was recorded during realtime in Case CATalyst. 
    • Select No if the audio file came from another source like a digital tape recorder or steno writer.
    • If the job already has associated audio, a dialog box will appear saying "The file filename.wav is already associated with the transcript.  Are you sure want to associate a new audio file with this transcript?"
  4. After the audio file is associated, you may need to use the EZ Sync or EZ Sync at Cursor features to sync the audio. 

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