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Case CATalyst - Serial Refresh

When outputting to CaseViewNet, LiveNote or Summation with a serial connection, changes made by the Case CATalyst reporter within the last 5 lines of realtime text will display on the receiving screen.

You can increase or decrease the number of lines in which the reporter's changes will be displayed in CaseViewNet by changing the CVRefreshLineCount setting in the User Settings of Case CATalyst.

On the receiving program, the number of lines affected will disappear from the screen and then reappear with the changes. A balance must be struck between how much refreshing is desired versus what is an appropriate viewing and user experience for the attorney.

NOTE: Specifying a higher number of refresh lines will result in a longer amount of time to refresh all of those transcript lines. This will also depend on the number of changes made by the court reporter.

  1. From Manage Jobs double left click on System Files, and then UserSettings.
  2. The Settings Manager dialog box will appear.  Left click on AsciiHeight and then press Ctrl + f to open the Find dialog box.

  3. Type CVRefreshLineCount in the Search for field and click OK.

  4. The default setting for CVRefreshLineCount is set to 5. To change it, click Edit.

  5. Enter the number of lines to be refreshed and click OK. The number of lines can be between 0 and 99.
    NOTE: The larger the number, the greater the impact is on the refresh rate.

  6. Click Save to close the Settings Manager.

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