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Case CATalyst on Mac Computers

Case CATalyst will run on a Mac computer but a version of Windows must be installed.

Stenograph recommends using a utility that comes with Macs called Boot Camp.  This utility helps create space on the hard drive so that Windows can be installed in addition to the Mac OS.  After Windows has been installed on the computer, you can boot to Windows and run Case CATalyst in a pure Windows environment just like a PC.

Stenograph does not recommend using programs like VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop as these programs run inside the Mac Operating System.  This setup can cause issues with the amount of system resources allocated to run Windows, the Mac OS, and Case CATalyst at the same time.

Before using Boot Camp, make sure that your Mac meets the System Requirements.
For more information on how to use Windows on a Mac, please check Apple's Boot Camp website.

NOTE:  This article is for information purposes only.  Stenograph does not support or assist with the installation and configuration of Boot Camp.

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