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Apostrophe, and Grave Accent not working with my Apple MacBook on Windows 7

This issue could occur after a user has been using Boot Camp on their MacBook computer. This is due to the default Regional Keyboard is set to English (United States) - United States Apple.

This keyboard has changes that will cause problems with the apostrophe and grave accent keys when running Windows 7 on Boot Camp. To correct this problem, follow these steps to Add and then change to the English (United States) - US keyboard in Windows 7.

  1. In Control Panel, double click on the Region and Language option.

  2. In Region and Language, click on the Keyboard and Languages tab, then click on the Change Keyboards... button.

  3. The English (United States) – United States (Apple) is selected as the default input language in the Text Services and Input Languages dialog box. It is also the only keyboard under Installed Services.

    Click the Add button. The Add Input Language Dialog box will display:

    Scroll down to find the English (United States) heading and click the plus (+) sign. In that drop down menu, under Keyboard, check the US box and click OK.

  4. In the Text Services and Input Languages Dialog box, select English (United States) – US in the Default input language drop down.  Highlight the United States (Apple) keyboard and click Remove button. Click the Apply then OK.

The apostrophe and grave accent will now work in Case CATalyst.

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