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Installing Stenograph Writer Drivers on Windows 7

Installing Stenograph Writer Drivers on Windows 7

Note:  If you are currently using Case CATalyst version 15 or above you can install the drivers in Case CATalyst.  Click here for the instructions.

  1. Connect the writer to your computer with the USB cable and turn the writer on.
  2. Left click on Start , and then in the Search programs and files field type "Device Manager" and press Enter.  Device Manager will open.

  3. In Device Manager look for a category that says Other Devices.  Below that you should see a yellow exclamation point that says Luminex Machine, Diamante Machine, Stenograph Elan Mira, or Stenograph FusionRight click on the yellow exclamation point and left click on Update Driver.

  4. The Update Driver Software dialog window will appear.  Left-click Browse my computer for driver software.

  5. In the next screen type C:\Cat4\Drivers\Writer (or copy and paste this text) in the Search for driver software in this location field.  Then click Next.

  6. You will be prompted with a dialog window verifying the installation of the drivers. Click Install.

  7. When the writer's USB driver has finished installing, click Close.

  8. To confirm a successful installation has completed, a new category will appear that say Stenograph USB Writer without a yellow exclamation point next to it.

  9. After installing the writer USB driver, you may get another driver installation wizard to install the Stenograph Writer Serial Port.  Follow steps 4-7 to install the drivers.

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