e-Key Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.  What is e-Key?

A.  e-Key is a “dongle free” method of software security for Case CATalyst users.  e-Key empowers users to activate Case CATalyst on a computer at home, a computer at work and even a spare computer that might be used occasionally. There’s no need to carry around a security device and worry about forgetting or losing it.  e-Key provides convenience and peace of mind.

Q.  How do I exchange my security device for e-Key?

A.  If you are using Case CATalyst version 12 or higher, send an email to ekey@stenograph.com. In the email, provide your Stenograph Customer Number and the serial number of your security device. Click here for instructions on locating the security device serial number.

Q. Is an annual support agreement required to keep using Case CATalyst with e-Key?

A. No. A support agreement is not required.

Q. Is Internet access required on the computers running Case CATalyst?

A. No. Every 90 days Case CATalyst will attempt to use an available Internet connection to activate your e-Key for another 90 days of use. If the computer running Case CATalyst does not have Internet access, there is an alternate method for activating your e-Key license.

Q. How many computers can I use with Case CATalyst and e-Key?

A. Five computers can be activated every 90 days, and you may replace any of your activated computers at any time. If you have a CaseViewNet license, you can use that on five computers too.

Q. I sometimes leave Case CATalyst running in the deposition or courtroom to get some editing done using my office computer during a break. Can I do that with e-Key?

A. Yes. It is as easy as moving to your office computer, editing, and then going back on the record when you are ready.

Q. What if I lose my PKC? Will Stenograph send it to me again?

A. Stenograph will send your PKC to you again to the e-mail address of record on your account in the situation where you’ve misplaced the original email.

Q. What if I have to send my computer in for repair; I’ve already activated four computers and I need another fifth one temporarily?

A. By contacting Stenograph, you can receive access to a fifth computer for a temporary period.

Q. Can I share my computer activation with my scopist?

A. Since you are the licensee of Case CATalyst, it is for your use only. Even though you are authorized to run your license on more than one computer, you are not permitted to share your license with another person. Your scopist would need their own license of Case CATalyst.  For pricing information on the Scopist version of Case CATalyst contact sales at 1-800-323-4247 or send an email at sales@stenograph.com.

Q. If I activate my e-Key prior to the end of the ninety-day period, will I get the full 90 days, or will I get just 90 days from when I activate?

A. You will get the remainder of your current three months plus the three months of your next activation period. Activation is permitted as early as thirty days prior to the end of the period. For example: If you activate your e-Key ten days before expiration, you will get 90 days plus the remaining 10 days for a total of 100 days.

Q.I’m on an older version of Case CATalyst. Can I get an e-Key?

A. You must be at least on CATalyst 12 to become eligible for e-Key. Call Stenograph Contract Sales (800-323-4247 or 630.532.5100 ) to activate a Support Agreement and start the process to get e-Key.

Q. Sometimes I leave my office computer on all night while I’m working at home on my other computer? Will it be in violation of the non-simultaneous use?

A. It won’t be in violation because you aren’t actually using Case CATalyst for any work on the office computer. Even if CATalyst was open in a file all night, it still would not be in violation because it wasn’t being used.

Q. Sometimes I bring my notebook computer home at the end of the day and set it right next to my desktop computer. I open a job on the notebook and leave it open. Then I put the security device on my desktop and start working in CATalyst there. Will this be in violation of non-simultaneous use?

A. It won’t be in violation as long as you aren’t actually working on both computers at exactly the same time. Looking at a file on another computer isn’t considered ‘working’ in this context.

Q. What kind of information is being collected by e-Key?  How does e-Key know if there was simultaneous usage? 

A. Absolutely no personal information is collected by e-Key.  During the e-Key renewal process, the only item being checked is the usage statistics.  The usage statistics simply keep track of when a transcript was modified in Case CATalyst.  These statistics are compared for each of your systems to determine if there was simultaneous usage.

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