How to adjust individual keys on the Diamante/Luminex

If you have attempted to use the depth, tension, and standard keyboard adjustments but still can’t alleviate a stacking issues, you can adjust individual keys as well.

Start by pressing Setup from your main menu.

On the Setup menu, press the More button.

On the next screen, Select the Keyboard option.

On the next screen, select Adjust.

When the menu opens, select the Adjust Keys option.

The screen that opens shows the settings for all of your individual keys.  Each key has its own column, and when pressed will indicate the pressure by turning blue. The white bars in each column, visually indicate how a key is set. The higher the white bar, the farther down the key must be pressed for the key to register.

Perform one of the following adjustments:

When finished with your adjustments, press Done to save the settings. 

You'll return to the previous menu.  Press OK.

A dialog box will appear asking if you would like to save these settings as a Keyboard Profile.

Press Yes to save the settings as a Keyboard Profile or press No to close the dialog.

We recommend testing these new before doing a job if possible.  Turn on a news network, sports network, or a show with a lot of dialog and write for about 20-30 minutes.  If you need to make further adjustments, return to the Key Adjustments screen and adjust the keys accordingly. 

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Last updated: 18 Dec, 2019
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