Powering the Diamante/Wave with the USB Cable

When the Diamante is connected to your computer for realtime via a USB cable, the main battery continues to power the writing machine.  If the main battery becomes low while using a USB connection, low battery messages display on the Diamante, but all features continue to operate.

If the main battery loses its charge, the Diamante will continue to operate using power from your computer via the USB cable.  All Diamante components and features with continue to work except for WiFi and Bluetooth communications.  The LCD screen will also display at about half of the Backlight brightness settings.  You do not need
to remove the main battery to run on USB power.

To use the USB cable, you must install the Diamante USB driver on your computer. See Installing Stenograph Writer Drivers in Case CATalyst for instructions on loading the driver.

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Last updated: 09 May, 2016
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