Case CATalyst Student Version Features

Case CATalyst Student Version

Case CATalyst student version is for educational purposes. This version of software allows the user to access functions and features for the purpose of learning transcript production and dictionary maintenance. Certain features are limited or inaccessible. If you attempt to access a feature that is not available in the Case CATalyst Student Version, a message displays indicating the feature’s unavailability.

Case CATalyst Student Version Functionality

Manage Jobs

All features in Manage Jobs are available.


All features in Read Notes are available.

Manage Notes

Manage Notes capabilities are limited to printing steno notes.

Translate and Edit / Edit

All features in Translate and Edit and Edit are available. The Case CATalyst Student Version, however, limits the amount of pages in a file to a maximum of 50 pages.The following applies to the 50 page limit:

The default # of strokes per fold are on paper are 20 strokes per fold.  There are approximately 220 Steno Strokes per page.  If a student has a Wave writer with 50 pages, they can write approximately 11,000 strokes overall.


All features in Print are available with a maximum print output of 50 Pages. Steno notes can be printed to PDF while writing realtime. Specific headers and footers which print on each page are embedded and cannot be changed. They include:




All features in Layout are available. Specific headers and footers which print on each page are embedded and cannot be changed.

Manage Dictionary

All features in Manage Dictionary are available.


All Wordlist features are available.


Import capabilities are limited to importing the following dictionaries: Stentura, RTF/CRE, and Case CATalyst 3.x.


Export capabilities are limited to:


The AudioSync feature is not available.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is not available


RealTeam is not available

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