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Case CATalyst 21 Is Here

04 Mar, 2020

Case CATalyst 21 is now available for all customers on a current Edge plan.  CATalyst 21 brings new features to RealTeam with Transfer to User which allows the host of the RealTeam session to assign one of the connected clients as a host so they can continue to edit a file simultaneously.  CATalyst 21 also allows vCards to import into your Fill-in-Fields list and can generate clickable links for your clients who use CaseViewNet Browser Edition. 

To update to CATalyst 21 simply go to Help, and then click on Check For Updates.  Follow the prompts and you'll be up to date in no time.  You can also download and install CATalyst 21 by clicking the link here.  If you have questions or need more information about 21's new features, you can contact Stenograph Technical Support at 1-800-323-4247.

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