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Case CATalyst
file Stenograph New Computer Setup Guide.pdf
New Computer Setup Guide
This guide will show you how to get your new computer setup for use with Case CATalyst.
01 Mar, 2017 File size: 2.29 mb
file Sample Voice
Sample Voice Commands
This file contains a sample voice dictionary to use with Case CATalyst VP. If you are a reporter who does voice writing and need a dictionary to get started using voice with Case CATalyst, download this file to your desktop and use the Restore feature to bring these files into Case CATalyst. Also included with the download is a PDF file explaining how to use the voice dictionary.
09 Sep, 2016 File size: 49 kb
file VPedal .zip
VPedal Hotkey Application
This program is for the VPedal foot pedal sold by Stenograph. You will need to unzip the file first before installing the program. To install double click on the vp_hotkey_setup3.exe file and follow the wizard. The installation and configuration instructions are also included with this file.
03 Oct, 2014 File size: 602 kb

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