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USB 3.0 Cables with Stenograph Writers

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Last updated: 04 Sep, 2015

USB 3.0 is the latest version of the popular USB standard and begun appearing on personal computers and laptops.  One of it's main features is faster data transfer speeds for copying files to an external hard drive or USB flash drive.

A USB 3.0 port is distinguishable from a USB 2.0 port by their blue color.  In this picture the USB 3.0 ports are on the left side while the USB 2.0 ports are on the right.

USB 3.0 ports is fully compatible with USB 2.0 devices so you can plug USB Flash Drives, External Hard Drives, USB to Serial Adapters, even the USB cable for the Luminex, Diamante, Wave, élan Mira, and Stentura Fusion, into USB 3.0 ports. But a USB 3.0 cable cannot be used with Stenograph Writers because the connector is physically taller than a USB 2.0 cable.

USB 3.0 standard-B plug          USB 2.0 standard-B plug


As you can see, the USB 3.0 plug is taller than the USB 2.0 plug and will not fit into Stenograph Writers. But you can use a USB 2.0 cable for your writer in a USB 3.0 port.

The Luminex writer has a micro-USB port instead of the square USB port on the Diamante and élan Mira writers. A USB 3.0 micro-B cable is not compatible with with the Luminex due to its wider length, although a USB 2.0 micro-USB cable for the Luminex can be plugged into a USB 3.0 port.

USB 3.0 micro-B plug               USB 2.0 micro-B plug

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