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Using the Set Time Format Symbol

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Last updated: 20 Oct, 2014

When a reporter works with a videographer, they usually will sync the time to have accurate timestamps.  But sometimes the time can be out of sync.  To get the timestamps back in sync, change the timestamps to Elapsed and use the Set Time format symbol.

REMINDER:  If you use the Set Time format symbol, the timestamps will be in Elapsed.  If a job needs to be printed with timestamps make sure in Print Options that Print Timestamps is set to Elapsed.

  1. Position your cursor at the beginning of the line where you want to change the time.

  2. To change the timestamps to Elapsed click on View, Show, Timestamps (Alt-v, s, p).  In the Show Timestamps dialog box click the radio button next to Elapsed and then click OK.

  3. Press Shift +F4 (Edit/Insert/Insert Format Symbol). From the format symbol list, double left click on Set Time.

  4. The Set Time dialog box displays.  Type in the correct time and click OK.

  5. The timestamps will change to reflect the new time.

TIPS:  If you make a mistake you can open the Reveal Codes (Ctrl-Shift-r) and left click on the Set Time format symbol and press the Delete key.  Then insert the Set Time format symbol again starting at Step 3.

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