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Adding Timestamps to a Transcript

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Last updated: 14 Oct, 2014
  1. Open the job and have the cursor on the page to add the timestamps. In this example we're going to add the timestamps on page 3 of the transcript.

  2. Left click on Format, Modify Layout (Alt+o, l).

  3. At the top of the layout pane will be Paragraph Setup.  To the left will be two arrows.  Click the right arrow once.

  4. Now we're in Page Setup.  Look for the Timestamps section which is about two-thirds down the pane. 

    TIP:  If you do not see the Timestamps section, use the scroll bar on the right side to scroll down the Page Setup pane.

  5. Click the down arrow next to Frequency and click on Every Line (or another option).

    NOTE:  You may need to adjust the Position of the timestamps if they don't appear correct in the transcript.
  6. After changing the Frequency, click the Apply button at the bottom of the pane.
  7. The Apply this change to dialog box will appear.  Click one of the options and press OK.  For this example we'll be choosing From this Page to the End of the Document.

  8. The timestamps now appear in the transcript.

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