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Save CaseViewNet Files in Other Formats

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Last updated: 07 Oct, 2014

The CaseViewNet file can be saved in several different formats making it accessible by other software packages. When the file is saved as a CaseViewNet, LiveNote, Summation or TextMap Portable Transcript file your marks, notes and issue codes are retained in the transcript. When the file is saved in ASCII, or Amicus file format, the file contains only the text.

  1. Left click on File, Save As (Alt + f, a).

  2. The Save As dialog box displays.  On the left hand side click where you would like to save the file.  In this example the file is being saved to the Documents folder.

  3. In the File Name field, type the name of the file.
  4. In the Save as Type field, click the down arrow to display the available file types. Available file types include:
    • LiveNote Portable Transcript File (.ptf) - compatible with LiveNote software.
    • ASCII (.txt) - compatible with most text editors.
    • TextMap Portable Transcript File (.xmptf) - compatible with LexisNexis TextMap software.
    • Summation (.ptf) - compatible with Summation software.
    • Amicus (.txt) - compatible with Amicus software.
  5. Click Save.
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