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Using the RTF2Writer Program

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Last updated: 27 Jan, 2015

If you use CAT software other than Case CATalyst, you can load your personal dictionary onto your writer with the RTF2Writer conversion program. You will first need to have an RTF file of your personal dictionary from your CAT software.

If you need to download and install the RTF2Writer program on your computer, click here for instructions.

  1. Double click on the RTF2Writer icon.

  2. The RTF/CRE to Writer Dictionary Conversion dialog box will appear.  Click the USB button.

  3. In the Select Personal and Job Dictionaries dialog box, click the ellipsis (...) button to the right of the Personal Dictionary field.

  4. Browse to where you saved the RTF of your Personal Dictionary.  Single left click on the RTF and click OK.  In this example the Personal Dictionary is located on the Desktop.

  5. You will be taken back to the Select Personal and Job Dictionaries dialog box and the path to your Personal Dictionary will be in the Personal Dictionary field.  Repeat these steps for any additional RTF Job Dictionaries.  Then click OK.

  6. A progress bar will display saying "Transferring Dictionaries over the USB".  The writer will also have a progress bar saying "Erasing the Dictionary Area followed by Programming the Main Dictionary".

  7. When the dictionary is loaded onto the writer, the writer will reboot.  You will also be taken back to the main menu of the RTF2Writer program.  Press Quit to close the box.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. If you receive a message saying "Unable to open the USB connection.  Error Code was 102", the USB drivers are not installed.  Information on how to install the USB drivers can be found here.
  2. Make sure a file is not open on your writer.  If the on the Opening Menu the left option says End instead of Off, there is a file open on the writer.  Press End and export the dictionary again.
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