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Toggle Follow Realtime

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Last updated: 07 Apr, 2021

Sometimes while writing realtime, there is a break in the proceedings and you want to start editing the job. You edit for about 15 minutes and then the proceedings resume. You stop editing on Page 9 Line 13 to start writing realtime again but notice that the text isn't scrolling in the transcript.  What might have happened was Toggle Follow Realtime command was invoked while editing.

The Toggle Follow Realtime command stops the text from scrolling and stays at the current cursor position.  The default keyboard command for Toggle Follow Realtime command is Ctrl-l or Ctrl-Shift-l.  Alternatively, you can go to Tools, Follow Realtime (Alt-t, f).  If you're editing a job in realtime and notice the text not scrolling, try pressing Ctrl-l.

If you don't want to have Ctrl-l be Toggle Follow Realtime you can always change the keyboard assignment in your keyboard map.

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