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Export to RTF/CRE

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Last updated: 06 Oct, 2014

RTF/CRE files are universal file formats that retain much of the original file formatting and text attributes and can be used to exchange jobs between different CAT systems. Exported RTF files can be text files, steno notes, or job dictionaries.

Depending on the RTF/CRE Export Options, RTF files will have the same name as the selected job with an underscore and the letters "T, S, or D" at the end.  For example, you export the 1-14-09 GMM file to RTF format. The dictionary file exports as 1-14-09 GMM_D.rtf. The text file as 1-14-09 GMM_T.rtf, and the steno note file as1-14-09 GMM_S.rtf.

NOTE:  RTF/CRE files can be opened in word processing programs like Microsoft Word but will apply their own layouts and formatting to the document which can look different than the same document in Case CATalyst.  To view the RTF/CRE file before using it with a different CAT system, use Wordpad.

  1. From Manage Jobs, left click the file you would like to export to RTF/CRE.
  2. Click on the Export button (Alt + u, x) from the function toolbar.

  3. The Export window will appear with the RTF/CRE tab selected.

    • On the left hand side will be the Export Files section.  The sub-files of the job will be checked.  If you would like to create an RTF of just a specific sub-file (like the text), uncheck the other sub-files.
    • The Output to: section shows where the RTF file will be saved to.  By default it will save to Manage Jobs.  To change the save location, click on Options.
  4. When finished making your selections click Export.  When the RTF has been created, a dialog box saying Export complete will appear.  Click OK.

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