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Export the Personal Dictionary via USB Cable

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Last updated: 04 Sep, 2015

The following guide will go over the process of loading the Personal Dictionary onto a Luminex, Diamante, Stentura Fusion, and the élan Mira series of writers.  Make sure you have the USB drivers for your writer installed on your computer.  If not you can find the guide here.

  1. Connect the writer to the computer with the USB cable and turn the writer on.
  2. Open Case CATalyst and in Manage Jobs click on Function, Export Dictionary to Writer (Alt-u, y).

    NOTE:  If you're on Case CATalyst version 12 or lower, click on Function, Export (Alt-u, x).  Then click the élan/Fusion/Diamante tab.
  3. The Export dialog box appears.

    • Under the "Export with" section select USB (All).
    • On the left side in the Export Files: box, check off any additional job dictionaries to load onto the writer.
      NOTE:  The Personal Dictionary does not need to be selected and will be loaded by default.
    • (Optional) Check the Export Spell Check Wordlist and Export Prefixsuffixules.ini File boxes if you want to load them onto your writer.
    • When finished making selections, click Export
  4. The Export Mira Dictionaries dialog box will appear.

    • The writer will display a dialog box that will say Erasing the Dictionary Area followed by Programming the Main Dictionary.  A progress bar will also display.
    • When the dictionary is loaded onto the writer, the writer will reboot.
  5. The Export Complete dialog box will appear.  Click OK.

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. If you receive a message saying "Unable to connect to the writer.  Error: Could Not Connect", the USB drivers are not installed.

    Information on how to install the USB drivers can be found here.
  2. If when you click Export the box goes away and does not give the Export Complete dialog box, check your writer to make sure a file is not open.  A file is open on the writer if the option about the lower left button says End instead of Off.  Press End and try again.

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