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Setting Power Options in Windows 7

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Last updated: 06 Aug, 2014

Power Options in Windows 7

  1. For Windows 7 users, left click on Start , then left click on Control Panel.

  2. In the Control Panel window left click on System and Security.

  3. Then left click on Power Options.

  4. In Power Options, left click the radio button next High Performance.  Then left click on Change Plan Settings.

  5. The Edit Plan Settings window appears.  You will notice there are two columns: On Battery and Plugged in, and three rows: Dim the display, Turn off the Display and Put the computer to sleep.  You will need to set each option to never.
    • Left click on each drop down menu and click on Never.  Do this for both the On battery and Plugged in settings.
    • Then click on Change advanced power settings in the lower left hand corner.

  6. The Advanced settings window appears.
    • Click on the plus sign next to Hard disk.  Below that click the plus sign next to Turn off hard disk after.  In the Setting (Minutes) box change it to zero.
    • Scroll down until you find USB settings.  Click the plus sign next to USB Settings.  Then click the plus sign next to USB selective Suspend Setting.
    • You will see two options: On battery and Plugged in.  Click the drop down menu on each and change to Disabled.
    • Click Apply, then click Ok to close the window.

  7. You will return to the Edit Plan Settings window.  Click on Save changes and close the window.
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