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Print a Case CATalyst file to PDF

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Last updated: 05 Nov, 2014
  1. From Manage Jobs, left click on the file.

  2. Click the Print button (Ctrl-p) from the function toolbar.

  3. The Print dialog box appears.

    • Under Output click Draft, Final, or Compressed.  To set the options, click Print Options.

    • Click the down arrow next to Printer and choose Stenograph PDF Printer.
    • (Optional) In the PDF section, if you have a digital signature check Sign/Encrypt PDF to include it with the PDF file.  If you use Attachment Points in the transcript, check Include Attachments in PDF.  If your transcript must be PDF/A compliant check PDF/A compliant.
    • The Range section is where you change choose to print the entire document, sections, or specific pages.
    • Click the Print button when finished.
  4. The Save PDF file box appears.  Click Save.

    • By default the PDF will be saved to Manage Jobs.  To save the PDF to another location click the Browse button.
    • The Browse button changes to Stop Browse.  In this example we will be saving the PDF file to the Desktop.

    • Click the down arrow next to Look in: and click on your user.  This is usually under Computer.

    • Now double left click on the Desktop folder.

    • Click on Save.

    • (Optional) If you want to attach the PDF to an email check Attach to e-mail in the lower left corner.

      NOTE: You must have an email program like Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird installed on your computer to use this feature.  Web based email like Gmail or Yahoo mail do not work.

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