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Include the Update Area to Personal Dictionary

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Last updated: 20 Jan, 2015

Include the Update Area to Personal Dictionary

The following guide can also be used to merge any dictionary into another dictionary.  For example: A job dictionary to another job dictionary, job dictionary to a case dictionary, etc.

  1. From Manage Jobs, click File, Open, Dictionary, Personal (Alt - f, o, d, p)

  2. The Personal Dictionary will open.  Click on File, Include (or press F9)

  3. The Include Dictionary dialog box will appear.  Double left click the System Files case.

  4. Click on the Update Area and then click Open.

  5. A warning will appear saying that you will be unable to undo the include if you click Yes.  You will still be able to modify the dictionary entries after the include process is complete.  Click the Yes to continue.

  6. The Update Area will begin merging to your Personal Dictionary.
    If there are any duplicate entries, you will be prompted with a dialog window that allows you to choose which entry you would like to keep. Choose the entry that you prefer to keep and press the OK button. Repeat this step for any duplicate entries.

  7. Once all the entries are merged into the Personal Dictionary, a dialog window asking to delete the source dictionary will appear. Click Yes.

    NOTE:  The source dictionary is always the dictionary that was chosen in the Include Dictionary box.  If you say Yes, the dictionary is deleted.  If you say No, it is not deleted but the entries are still included.

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