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Copy Data SD Card Files on a Diamante to a USB Flash Drive

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Last updated: 29 Aug, 2014

The Diamante names a job file using the year, month, date and time format. For example: 20130716 - 134341 (July 16, 2013 1:43:41 p.m.). Job files are stored in folders identified by year and month. For example, 201307. By default, the newest file is listed first.

Each job contains subfiles that include: Steno Notes with Timestamps, an Audio file when audio is recorded, Auto Pause and Resume information and a Job Dictionary when a job dictionary is created for that file.

Note: Insert your USB Flash Drive into the Diamante USB port before copying files.

To copy files on the Data SD card:

  1. From the Opening menu, press Storage, SD Card, Files.
  2. Job files are organized in folders by year and month, with the newest folder first. Press the Up and Down buttons to highlight a folder. Use Date Sort to toggle folders between ascending and descending order.
  3. Press Folder to display the job files for the selected folder.  Job files display in date order, newest files first, with the following information:  the file size in megabytes, the estimated number of transcript pages, an indicator when there is an associated Audio file and an indicator when there is an associated job dictionary. Use Date Sort to toggle the display of files in ascending and descending order.
  4. To copy files, press the Up or Down buttons to highlight the desired files. When finished, press Select to highlight the files.
  5. When finished selecting files press Copy. The Diamante automatically copies the selected files to the thumb drive. When the copy is complete, the Opening menu will display.
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