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The Status Option on the Diamante

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Last updated: 29 Aug, 2014

The Status option displays information about the Diamante.

To view Status:

  1. From the Opening or First Writing menu, press More, Status.
  2. To return to the Opening menu or First Writing menu, press OK, More.

The status screen shows:

  1. Software version.
  2. When a job is opened, the name of the job.
  3. The approximate number of strokes per minute (SPM) including the minimum, maximum and average for the job.
  4. Total strokes to date.
  5. Keyboard Layout/Hardware and Serial Protocol.
  6. The amount of space left on the Data SD card and whether or not the card is write enabled.
  7. When the AC adapter/charger is In or Out and if it is charging.
  8. The Bluetooth target computer numeric ID, Computer Name and the Passkey, when applicable.
  9. USB Client Mode and Status, when applicable.
  10. The WiFi status shows Machine Name, MAC address, Access Point name and IP address when applicable.
  11. Main Battery status.
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