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Downloading Case CATalyst Using Mozilla Firefox

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Last updated: 28 Mar, 2017
  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and go to (or click the link).  When the page loads, put your mouse over Downloads, then left click  CATalyst.

  2. Now the Case CATalyst Downloads page appears.  Click on the version of Case CATalyst that you would like to download. 

    NOTE: The difference between with IVT and without IVT is with IVT includes the Integrated Video Training; videos that show basic features of Case CATalyst for new users as well as some other commonly used features.  Downloading Case CATalyst with IVT is a larger download than without IVT so the download time will increase.  You can always download the IVT later by running the Case CATalyst Updater after you have finished installing the program.

  3. When you click on your version of Case CATalyst, a save dialog box will appear on your screen.  Click on Save File.

  4. While Case CATalyst is downloading click on Tools then Downloads (or press Ctrl+J) to view the Downloads window. 

    NOTE:  This may take between 10-45 minutes depending on your internet connection.

  5. Once the download completes, double click on the Setup file to begin the installation.
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