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Starting Realtime in Case CATalyst

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Last updated: 15 Jan, 2015
  1. From Manage Jobs click the Translate icon on the Function Bar or press Ctrl+t

  2. The Translate window will appear.  In the lower left corner, click on Options.

  3. The Options window will open.
    • Click on the Realtime tab at the top.
    • Under the Realtime tab on the left hand side is the Realtime Writer field.  Make sure it’s set to your writer.  In this example we’re using a Diamante via USB cable so we’re selecting Diamante-USB.
    • Below the Realtime Writer field is the Audio section.  You want Case CATalyst to record audio and save it with your transcript so you will want to make sure the Record To field is set to Current Folder.
    • Also make sure the Audio Input drop down menu is set to Default.  Once you’ve set your options, click Apply then OK.

  4. Now you’re back to the Translate window.
    • In the top left hand side next to Steno Source, make sure it is set to Writer.
    • Below the Steno Source is the Layout File.  Click the down arrow to select your layout. 
    • On the right hand side, make sure both check boxes next to Record Audio are checked.
    • Then on the bottom left hand side, type a file name in the File Name field and click OK.

  5. The Translate window will go away and a new file will open.  A dialog box appear that says Connected to Writer…Stroke a Key to Begin Writing.  Write a few strokes on your writer and they should appear in the Case CATalyst transcript window. 

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