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How to Record Audio for AudioSync on a Writer using Computer Audio from a Web Conferencing App (such as Zoom)

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Last updated: 06 Apr, 2020

IMPORTANT NOTE: Stenograph highly recommends that you test your ability to record before your remote proceeding, to determine that you have all of the equipment that you need and that it is working correctly and as expected. 

Reminder: Most reporters with experience of remote reporting have concluded that calling in via telephone and playing through a speaker results in superior quality vs. audio provided by a web conferencing app. If there are any difficulties with the app’s audio performance, the app will likely advise you to limit your required bandwidth by eliminating the video portion of the conference call or by using telephone audio instead; so beginning your conference by using separate devices for audio and video is usually the most prudent method.

  1. The laptop you use to run the web conferencing app should have a microphone port and a speaker/headphone port. If it does not, you can plug in an external sound card with both of these ports, such as the Andrea PureAudio sound card.

  2. Connect a microphone to the microphone port, for use if/when you need to speak to others in the web conference. 
  3. Plug a splitter device into the speaker/headphone port.
  4. In one of the two speaker/headphone ports, connect a speaker or headphones. In the other port, you would connect a 3.5mm AUX cable and connect it to the microphone port of the Luminex II, Luminex, or Diamante.
  5. Click the link in the invitation or open the web conferencing app and enter the appropriate ID number, and select to use the computer audio.  

NOTE:  On the device running the web conferencing app, you can mute the microphone, to prevent others in the conference from hearing you.  When you need to communicate with those parties, you can unmute, and then mute again before you begin writing.

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