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How to Record Audio for AudioSync on a Writer using the Call In Number (Telephone) from a web conferencing app (such as Zoom)

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Last updated: 06 Apr, 2020

IMPORTANT NOTE: Stenograph highly recommends that you test your ability to record prior to your remote proceeding, to determine that you have all of the equipment that you need and that it is working properly and as expected.

Whether or not you are also writing and translating reatlime, you may wish to record audio on your writer when you are reporting remotely using a web conference app such as Zoom. Here's one simple and effective method:

  1. Connect your microphone to your Luminex II, Luminex or Diamante the same as you would for an in-person proceeding. 
  2. If your cell phone’s built-in speaker is not sufficiently loud for you to hear it wherever you will be writing, connect it to an external speaker.

There are a wide variety of brands and models of speakers built for phones available in a wide range of prices. Any model that is advertised to work with your brand and model of phone should work for this purpose. You may want to consult colleagues as to the particular speakers they prefer to use for this type of work. The speaker will also have a built-in microphone that you can use to communicate with the other parties in the web conference. The speaker will likely have a mute button so that you can prevent the other conference participants from hearing anything from your location when you are writing. (Your speaker will not be affected by the Mute button in the web conference app.)

In most cases, connecting the phone to the speaker via Bluetooth is a plug and play operation. Simply turn on the speaker, and then turn on your phone. The phone should search for the device and connect. If it does not, check the settings feature for your phone, find the Bluetooth option, and select the name of the speaker as the device to which you want to connect. (If you still fail to connect, consult the manual that came with the speaker.)

TIP:  Most speakers will have batteries that require charging. If you want to keep the device charged while using it vs. relying on its battery power, you should plug the charging cable into an external power source. Although you may be able to power the speaker by plugging it into a computer, this is not advised, because the speaker may attempt to connect to your computer rather than to your phone. Rather than having to manually change the connections to ensure that the correct device is connected to your speaker, simply plug the speaker into a wall outlet or some other power supply. 

  1. Use your cell phone to call the number provided in the emailed invitation to the online meeting, or, if you’ve clicked a Join button in a web conferencing app and are given an option between Computer Audio and Phone call, click the Phone call tab or option, and enter one of the provided phone numbers. (You may be given several phone numbers with several different area codes in different time zones and proximities to your current location.)
  2. Place the computer’s microphone near the speaker.  (If you are not using an external microphone, you may need to place the speaker nearer to the computer’s built-in microphone. Check your computer’s hardware manual to determine the location of that microphone.)

TIP:  As you are NOT using the web conferencing application’s audio, you can safely mute the audio microphone shown in the toolbar as that only affects sound from the web conferencing app. If the Mute command has a down arrow next to it, you may be able to access additional options such as an option to turn off the web application’s audio feature. Turning it off will not adversely affect your access to the sound, because you are taking the audio from a different source (the telephone). Having the audio muted or disabled when not required can improve the app's performance.

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