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Squeaky Audio

Article ID: 159
Last updated: 23 Mar, 2020

Sometimes, during a break in the realtime proceedings, a reporter will open another job to edit.  She'll play the audio and notice the audio either is very fast and high pitched, slow and low pitched, or doesn't play at all.  Scopists may also notice this if they are editing one job, leave it open, then open another job to edit.  The audio played just fine the other day so what could be the problem?

While it is perfectly fine to have two files open and to play back audio in each file. The issue you are experiencing is most likely because one file was recorded using an audio codec with a higher Khz setting than the other file. In that situation, the first file in which you play back audio will play fine and the other will either sound fast and high pitched, very slow or may not play at all. The file that sounds wrong should sound fine if you have only that file open and playing audio in CATalyst.

If you use the same audio codec settings for all jobs, this will not happen in the future.

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