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CaseViewNet Browser Link With Name, Company and Email Address

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Last updated: 26 Jan, 2021

In addition to the Session Code and password, all users of CaseViewNet Browser must enter their name in the Name field and can optionally enter their company and email information in the Company and Email fields. If you have this information in advance, and would like to save your client the trouble of filling it in and having to click Connect, you can add additional text at the end of a CaseViewNet Browser link that will fill in all of the fields and automatically run CaseViewNet Browser.

There are four variables you can add to the end of your CaseViewNet Browser link.

Variable Example
&name= Adds a name in the Name Field
&company= Adds the company name in the Company field
&email= Adds the email address to Email field
&autorun= Automatically signs in the client to CaseViewNet

For example, suppose you regularly provide realtime to your judge, and you know that the judge would enter Ruth Meyers as the name, Superior Court as the company name, and as the email.

After clicking the Generate Link button in the CaseViewNet Browser Link dialog box, you generate a link for Judge Meyers that looks like this:

At the end of that link, to have the Name field automatically filled in as Ruth Meyers, you would type &name=Ruth_Meyers. 

To have the company name filled in, you would type &company=Superior Court.

To have the email automatically fill in, you would type &

Finally, then to have the link bypass the login screen (the equivalent of clicking Connect as soon as all information has been added), you would type &autorun=true.

The result would be a link that looks like this: Meyers&company=Superior Court&

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