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Generate CaseViewNet Browser Link

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Last updated: 08 Jun, 2020

With CaseViewNet Browser links, you can generate a clickable link to automatically open a client's default web browser to with the Session Code and Password login fields already populated.  Providing this link will avoid Session Code and Password typing mistakes and give you a simple method to communicate the necessary login information.

  1. Do one of the following:
  • From Manage Jobs, click Tools, CaseViewNet Browser Link…
  • From the CaseView Passwords dialog box when beginning a realtime translate session:

  1. Click the Translate icon on the Toolbar or click Function, Translate, or press Ctrl+t.
  2. Click the Passwords button.
  3. Click the Browser Link button.
  1. In the CaseViewNet Browser Link dialog box, verify that your Session Code is listed in the Session Code: field. CATalyst will remember the last Session Code you used. If no Session Code is listed, or the wrong Session Code is listed, type the correct Session Code into the field.
  2. At Choose password to create link for: click the drop-down list and select the password for the link you want to send. This list will display and allow you to choose one of any of the passwords set for Multiple Connections currently available.

  • NOTE:  One option is a Session Code Only option. This option creates a link that will populate the Session Code but does not communicate the password. If you prefer to provide a password separately, in another manner, you would use the Session Code Only option and require the client(s) to type in the password.
  1. Click Generate Link.
  2. A message will display letting you know that the link has been copied to your Windows clipboard. Open a message window or dialog box in an email, text, or chat program. Right-click and select Paste, or press Ctrl+v to paste the link to the message; then,  send the message to your client(s).

When the client receives the link, they can click it to open CaseViewNet in their default browser. The session code and password fields automatically contain the correct information.

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