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Obtain a Layout from a Colleague

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Last updated: 28 Feb, 2020

You’re working for a new firm or court, and you need a CATalyst Layout file so that your margins, Q & A, colloquy, headers and footers, line numbers, box, etc. are as the firm or court expects.  If someone sends you a sample transcript, it’s certainly possible to figure out all of the measurements, but that does take a little time. There is a significantly faster, much easier way to get the layout you need if there are any CATalyst-using colleagues at the new firm or court: have the colleague email you a copy of a transcript in CATalyst format.

  1. Restore the file into CATalyst.
  2. Open the file in Edit.

  3. Place your cursor in the Q/A portion of the transcript then click Format, Save Layout As…

  4. In the Save Layout File dialog box, at File name: type the name of the firm or court plus the word Layout. For example, if you’ve gone to work for a court in Lake County, you might name the file Lake County Layout.  Then, click Save (or press Enter).

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