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Transfer to User

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Last updated: 04 Mar, 2020

The Transfer to User feature enables the host of a RealTeam session to leave the session without interrupting the connection of any of the other RealTeam participants, by transferring the hosting role to one of the participants.

For example:  A reporter is in a RealTeam session with a writing realtime and is aided by a team of scopists using RealTeam. The reporter is finished writing and wants to disconnect from the session but the scopists are still editing.

In the previous version of CATalyst, if the reporter disconnects, all of the participants (scopists) would also be disconnected and suddenly no longer able to collaborate on the same file. 

In CATalyst 21, the reporter can assign the host role to one of the scopists so the team can continue editing the file.  Once the host transfers the user to the new host, the host is disconnected from the session and the new host receives a message indicating they are the new host.

NOTE:  The host and the new host must be on version 21 of Case CATalyst.  Also, the Transfer to User feature is only available when there are at least two clients connected.

 Here’s how:

  1. When the host is ready to disconnect, if it is not already open, the host should open the Connected Users pane by clicking View, Panes, Connected Users (or by pressing Alt+v, e, u).
  2. In the RealTeam Connected Users section of the Connected Users pane, the host should right click the name of the participant who will become the new host and select Transfer to User.

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