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Inviting Participants to RealTeam.

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Last updated: 29 Jan, 2021

There are two roles for team members in a RealTeam session: a Host and the Participant(s). There can only be one Host at a time; there can be one or more Participants. The Host invites the Participant(s) to a RealTeam session. Before a Host can invite Participants, they must obtain the email addresses used by each Participant when they log in to RealTeam.

Invite colleagues to join a RealTeam session:

  1. Connect to the internet.
  2. If you are not automatically logged in to RealTeam, click the RealTeam Status icon , or File, RealTeam Ready.
  3. Now do one of the following:
    • If you are starting a new realtime translation:
      1. Open the Translate dialog by pressing Ctrl+t, clicking the Translate button on the Function Bar or clicking File, Translate & Edit.
      2. Name the file, select the layout, settings, dictionaries, options, etc. as you would before any realtime translation.
      3. Click the checkbox to select the RealTeam Invite option (or press Alt+i).  Then click OK.

      4. Write a stroke to ensure you are connected to realtime translation.
    • If you are planning to have the team edit an already-translated file, open the file in Edit, and then click the RealTeam Invite icon , or File, RealTeam Invite.
  4. The Real Team Invite dialog displays.

    • If the people you want to invite to participate are listed, click the Invite checkbox for each person.
    • If a person you want to invite is not listed:
      1. Click New.
      2. In the E-mail column, type the email address that this person uses for their RealTeam login.
      3. In the Name column, type the name that you want to see for this participant’s cursor during the RealTeam session.
        Optional: If you want to change the color click Modify, then click the down arrow at the end of the Name field. Select the preferred color from the list.
      4. The Add to My Dict box should be checked if any steno defines (D-, K-, J- or Other-) should be added to your dictionaries as well as to the global table. If you do not want the participant’s steno defines to be added to your dictionaries, the box should not be checked.
      5. Optional: Use the Notes column to Enter any information you would like to have available to reference in the Connected Users pane during the RealTeam session (such as the participant’s phone number).
      6. When finished, click the checkbox in the Invite column.
      7. Click the Invite button.

Accepting an invitation to join a RealTeam session:

  1. Connect to the internet.
  2. If you are not automatically logged in to RealTeam, click the RealTeam Status icon , or File, RealTeam Ready.
  3. Click the Accept button that displays when the invitation appears.
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