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Missing Line Numbers

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Last updated: 21 Feb, 2020

When line numbers disappear in your job, the most common reason is that someone editing your job accidentally inserted a <Line Number Off> format symbol wherever the line numbers have “turned off”.

To turn the line numbers back on, do the following:

  1. Press Ctrl+Home to go to the beginning of the job.
  2. Press Ctrl+f to Search.
  3. At Search For: press F4, and then z
  4. Press Alt+g or click the checkbox next to Go to Reveal Codes after FS Search.

  5. Press Enter or click OK.
  6. The cursor will move to the “accidentally inserted” <Line Number Off> format symbol in the Reveal Codes pane.  (If the Reveal Codes pane was not open before you began searching, the pane will automatically open so that you can see that Search found the <Line Number Off> format symbol.) 

    Press the Delete key to remove the "accidentally inserted" <Line Number Off> format symbol.

The line numbers in your job are now displayed again.

TIP:  If you don’t want to keep the Reveal Codes pane open as you continue to edit, click , the Reveal Codes button on the toolbar. If you prefer to use the keyboard, the default key assigned to open/close the Reveal Codes pane is Ctrl+Shift+r.)

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