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RealTeam FAQ

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Last updated: 20 Nov, 2019

RealTeam FAQ

What is RealTeam?

RealTeam™ is Stenograph's simultaneous editing feature. RealTeam allows realtime editing (sharing of text, globals and audio) with one or more scopists/proofreaders while the reporter is writing realtime. All the RealTeam participants have access to the text and audio.  All globals can be shared with each connected RealTeam user's Global Table.

RealTeam is not limited to just a realtime setting.  It can also be used while just editing. For example, let's say that realtime is over and the reporter goes home for the day.  The scopist can continue working on the transcript and even invite the proofreader to make a final pass at editing. Together, they can review the audio to create a perfect Transcript!

Am I eligible to use RealTeam?

If you are an e-Key licensed Case CATalyst Pro, VP and Edit user, with version 20 or above and an Edge plan, you are eligible to use RealTeam.

How do I update to version 20 or higher?

If you’re on version 19 or below and have a current Edge plan, click Help, the Check for Updates.  Follow the prompts to install the available update.  If you do not have a current Edge plan, you will need to purchase an Edge for CATalyst plan before you will be eligible to install Version 20. Give Stenograph a call at 1-800-323-4247 or email to learn more about Edge for CATalyst and your eligibility.

What happens to RealTeam if I let my Edge plan expire?

You will no longer be able to initiate RealTeam sessions or receive invites from other RealTeam users.

I use a Case CATalyst Student license, can I use RealTeam?

A Student license is not eligible for RealTeam.

How do I get started using RealTeam?

If you’re using Case CATalyst version 20 or higher, click on File, then click on RealTeam Ready.  Once the RealTeam dialog box appears you can either login with your existing Cloud Backup account or create new RealTeam account.

How many computers can be used with RealTeam?

RealTeam can be used with each e-Key licensed Case CATalyst computer.

How many users can be connected to RealTeam at once?

There isn’t a limit to the number of connected users but keep in mind, the more users connected to the host, the more computer resources are used and may affect performance.

Do the connected users also receive the audio file?

Yes, all connected users will receive the host’s audio file in the same codec used by the host.

If my reporter is finished with the job and disconnects from RealTeam and I continue to edit the job, can she reconnect to me and receive all my edits?

Yes, if the reporter invites you again to the same job, the job will update with your changes.

Can I invite a scopist when I start Realtime if they are going to edit the job later?

Yes you can.  You can send the invite at any time and when the scopist logs into RealTeam, they will instantly receive the invite.

Can two scopists who are working with a reporter continue working in RealTeam after the reporter is finished and left for the day?

Yes they can but one of the scopists will have to invite the other to join a new RealTeam session.  The invited scopist will then receive a copy of the job and audio with an “_1” at end of the filename.

What happens if we edit the same part of a transcript?

The last change will be reflected in the transcript.

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