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Setting Audio Levels for Case CATalyst

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Last updated: 12 Aug, 2014

Setting Audio Levels for Case CATalyst

  1. From the Desktop of your computer, move your mouse to the lower right corner and find the icon that looks like a speaker.  If you position your mouse over the icon, it will say Speakers.  The icon usually is to the left of the clock.  Right click on the speaker icon and left click on Recording Devices.

  2. A window will appear displaying all the recording devices on your computer. In this example we’re using the FrontMic jack on the computer.  It is set as the default device as indicated by the green check mark.  To adjust the recording levels double click on your device.

  3. This will open the Properties window of your microphone.  Click on the Levels tab at the top.  Click and drag the volume slider all the way to the right so the volume is at 100%.  If you have a Microphone Boost option, it’s best to keep it at +20dB if possible.

  4. Once you’ve made those adjustments you can click Apply and OK to close the Properties window.  Then click OK under the Sound window to close it.  Now you can test realtime and make sure your audio is recording properly.
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