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Backing Up Files in Case CATalyst

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Last updated: 29 Aug, 2014

Backing Up Files in Case CATalyst

  1. Open Case CATalyst.
  2. Now click the Tools menu and select Backup (or press Ctrl+b) to backup your files.

  3. The Backup window will appear.  Now we need to choose files to backup and where to save them.  In this example we'll be backing up our System Files case to a USB flash drive.
    • On the top left side of the window is the Copy From section.  This is where you would put a check mark next to the jobs and cases that need to be backed up.  Notice there's a check next to System Files.
    • At the top right side is the Save in field.  This is where CATalyst will save the backup.  If the field does not have the correct location to save the backup, click the down arrow to choose the correct location.  Notice that the field says KINGSTON (G:) as that is the name of the USB flash drive.
    • At the bottom right side is the File name field.  This is where you would name the backup.  This can be any name except for special characters like slashes and periods. The name for this backup is SystemFiles.

  4. When finished making all your selections click on Save.

    NOTE:  After you click on Save you may see a dialog box asking if you would like to back up the audio files.  Select Yes to back up the job with audio, No to back up the job without audio, or Cancel to cancel the back up and go back to the Manage Jobs screen.

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