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Restoring Files into Case CATalyst

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Last updated: 09 Oct, 2014

Restoring Files into Case CATalyst

  1. Open Case CATalyst and be at the Manage Jobs screen.
  2. Now click the Tools menu and select Restore (or press Ctrl+r) to restore your files.

  3. The Open window will appear.  We need to browse to where our files are located.  In this example we will be restoring our System Files from a USB flash drive. 
    • First on the left-hand side choose the USB flash drive so that Case CATalyst displays the files on the flash drive on the right-hand side of the window.
    • Then select and click Open.

  4. The Restore window appears.  This window shows you which files are going to be restored into Case CATalyst.
    • The left side of the window shows Restore jobs from and Subfile types panes. These panes show what files you will be restoring.
    • The right side shows where your files will be restored to.  Make sure that the Restore Jobs To option in the upper right corner is set to C:\Cat4\usr\Marcus and that the Keep Case Structure box is checked.  Then click OK.

  5. A dialog box may open asking if you want to replace the existing file.  This dialog box comes up if Case CATalyst already has a file with the same name as the file you’re restoring.  Verify that the file being restored is the more up to date file and click Yes

  6. Once the restore is finished, it will bring you back to the Manage Jobs screen.  If there are other files you would like to restore, you would repeat this same process.
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