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Using Work Units

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Last updated: 31 May, 2018

Work Units is a Realtime option where Case CATalyst creates a separate copy of the realtime file and places it into consecutively numbered files as you write.  A user chooses a designated length of time to create the work unit and when the specified work unit of time elapses, the work unit is created at the end of the current paragraph.  When realtime ends, either by pressing Ctrl + \, selecting File, Stop Translation or ending the file on the writing machine, Case CATalyst creates the last work unit with the actual amount of time, even if it is less than the specified work unit length.

A Create Work Unit command is also available to create a Work Unit on demand. To create a Work unit click on File, Create Work Unit (Alt-f, k).  You can also assign the Create Work Unit command to a key on your keyboard map.

The work units are generally used in a network situation, daily copy or during events where reporters take turns using the same computer.  When using Work Units, the original realtime file remains as one contiguous file in Case CATalyst. Case CATalyst names each work unit using the original file name plus a number, such as Smith_1, Smith_2, Smith_3. To use the edited work units, you must manually merge the sections together in Edit.

When selecting the With Audio option, multiple text files (work units) are created but only one audio file exists. All the work unit text files are linked to one audio file.  For example, you are writing the Smith job and creating work units. You have Smith_1, Smith_2, Smith_3 and Smith.wav.  To maintain audio synchronization in the work units, do not merge the work units together until the transcript is finalized.  It is important to be aware of the audio codec you are using when sending work units.  The larger the audio files (using higher Hz options such as 116 MB/hr and higher), the more time required to transmit/share/archive via the Internet and are not recommended when sending Work Units via the Internet.

Enable and configure Work Units:

  1. From Manage Jobs, click Translate, then Options.

  2. Click the Realtime tab. 

  3. In the Work Units section place a check in Create Work Units.
    • Every X Minutes - Enter a number between 1 and 999. When the specified work unit time elapses, the next work unit starts with the next paragraph.
    • Save To A Different Folder - click the Browse button to select the folder that will save the Work Units.  If you wish to send Audio with your Work Units put a check in the With Audio checkbox.
      Never select the CATalyst folder or any of its sub-folders as the Work Units save folder.
  4. Click Apply then click OK.

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