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Deleting Job Files in Case CATalyst

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Last updated: 26 Oct, 2015

NOTE:  It is recommended that you backup your job files before deleting so they can be restored later if needed.  Deleted files go to the Windows Recycle Bin.

  1. Single left-click on a job you want to delete and press the Delete Key on your keyboard, the Delete Icon (red X) in the toolbar, or press Tools, Delete (Alt-t, d).
  2. The Delete dialog box displays.  You'll notice a check will be next to the selected job.  From here, place a check next to each job to delete.

    NOTE:  If a check is next to a Case then all jobs inside that case will be deleted.  To delete specific jobs inside the Case, first click the plus sign then put a check next to the jobs to be deleted. 
  3. If you would like to delete only specific subfiles (like audio), under "Subfile types to delete in each job", uncheck the subfiles types you want to keep.  For example: To delete only the audio files, uncheck all the subfile types except the audio.

  4. When finished click OK.  A dialog box will appear confirming to send the selected files to the Recycle Bin.  Choose Yes to delete the files or No/Cancel to return to the Manage Jobs screen.

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