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Setup Audio Options on the Luminex

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Last updated: 04 Sep, 2015

The options Record Audio During Job and Audio Format must be set before opening a job on the Luminex. All other audio options are accessible while writing.  It is always good to test your settings to ensure the recording sound how you want it to sound.

To set audio options:

  1. From the Opening or First Writing menu, press Setup, Audio.

  2. Use the Up and Down sensors to move the pointer (>>) to identify a feature for selection.
    • Microphone Gain—indicates the current gain setting for the microphone, 0 - 100%. Press the + and - buttons as necessary to set the percent. A graphic bar indicates the selected level. Test the quality and adjust the gain as necessary. The gain can be adjusted while in a job.

      If your microphone is battery powered, set the gain lower. A suggested starting point is 75 - 80%.

      If your microphone is not battery powered, set the gain higher. A suggested starting point is 95 - 100%. Setting this gain too high, may cause audio feedback.

      Note: Stenograph sells a non-powered microphone. We recommend to set the gain between 95 and 100%.
    • HeadPhone Volume—indicates the current volume level for the audio playback through headphones, 0 - 100%. A suggested setting is 65%.  The audio is amplified when monitoring live audio and may require a lower setting when the Monitor Live Audio option is active.

      Use the Quieter and Louder buttons to adjust the volume. During a job, you can playback the audio and adjust this option as necessary.
    • Record Audio During Job—indicates the audio recording status. Press the On/Off button to toggle your selection. The default is set to Off. This option cannot be changed in a job.
    • Monitor Live Audio—allows you to listen to the recording live with some amplification through headphones or a headset attached to the Luminex. Press the On/Off button to toggle your

      NOTE: When monitoring live audio during the job the audio is amplified. Check the HeadPhone Volume setting for an appropriate level.
    • Auto Pause Resume—allows you to automatically pause the recording after a specific period of time, when no new steno is being input from the steno machine. Audio recording will automatically resume when you begin writing. Use the + and - buttons to set the wait time before pausing the audio.  You can adjust this option during a job.  We recommend to set time between 20 and 30 seconds.

      When using Case CATalyst, you can use existing Case CATalyst dictionary definitions {Pause Audio} and {Resume Audio} to manually pause and resume the audio. It is necessary to place these definitions into your dictionary before loading the dictionary onto the Luminex. When you manually pause the audio using a steno stroke on the Luminex, you must resume the audio with
      a steno stroke, regardless of the setting for the Auto Pause Resume option.

      Note: If you are not using Case CATalyst, please check with your CAT vendor to verify that your software recognizes pause and resume commands. If pause and resume commands are not
      recognized, it is recommended that you do not use the Auto Pause Resume option.
    • Audio Format—allows you to set the audio compression format for recording. Press the Change button to toggle your selection. Audio recorded to the Backup SD card is recorded at the GSM format regardless of this option setting. This option cannot be changed while in a job.

      A higher compression rate, ADPCM (14.7 MB/hour), produces a better audio quality and requires more space on the Data SD card. 

      A lower compression rate, GSM (5.8 MB/hour), produces a slightly lower audio recording quality and requires less space.
  3. To return to the Opening or First Writing menu, press OK, More, Quit.
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