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Associate Audio Files in Case CATalyst

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Last updated: 20 Nov, 2019

Sometimes, the audio file you need to listen to for a job was not done using Audiosync.  Luckily, CATalyst has a way to associate that file and use it with your job.  For example, you are on a job without your notebook. To record the job, you use your digital tape recorder which creates .wav files. You copy the .wav file to your computer, read your steno notes and translate the file. After translation, you use the Associate Audio File to associate the .wav file with the transcript. Once the .wav file is associated with the transcript, you can use the Play Audio, EZ Sync at Cursor, Stop Audio and Set Audio Delay features.

NOTE:  Wav files must be in a specific format in order to be associated in CATalyst.  To ensure compatibility, please refer to the article here for more information. 

  1. Press Alt + t, a, f (Tool/Audio/AssociateAudio File). The Choose Audio File dialog box displays.

  2. Select the .wav file and left click on Open.

  3. The "Was this audio file recorded using Case CATalyst?" dialog box displays.

    If the audio was simultaneously recorded in Case CATalyst select Yes
    If the audio is from a source other than Case CATalyst select No.

    Note:  If the audio was simultaneously recorded in Case CATalyst with the current transcript, before using the Audio feature, you may want to make sure the audio file has the same name as the transcript and is located in the same folder.  Then, just click Play Audio and the audio should play without using the Associate Audio file.

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