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Using a Second Display with CARTView

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Last updated: 29 Jan, 2021

When outputting to CARTView, the CART display window can display on your computer or you can drag the display to another monitor or projector. If you’ve never added a second monitor or screen to your computer, you may wonder exactly how to do that.

First, you would connect the monitor to your computer. There are a couple of ways to do this.

If you have an external monitor with a video cable, you would:

  1. Connect the video cable to your laptop.
  2. From the Desktop press + p and chose Extend.

If you are using a tablet as a second screen and do not want a cable connection, you would need to use software that connects the computer to the tablet via WiFi. For example, if you have an iPad that you wanted to use as an extra monitor, you would:

  1. Establish a WiFi network connection, and connect the computer and iPad to that network.
  2. Open an app on the iPad and the associated application on the computer that establishes communication between the PC and iPad as the second monitor.

    Note:  There are a variety of apps available that provide this functionality: Stenograph does not recommend or endorse any one particular application or method for adding an additional screen, and cannot provide support for apps.

  3. Press + p and chose Extend.

Once you have both screens available to you, you would start a Realtime session and select Output to CARTView (local display).  When the CARTView window appears on your computer, you simply click the CARTView window and drag it over to the second display.

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