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Luminex/Luminex II
document How much memory is on my writer?
The Diamante has about 64 MB of memory. The Luminex has about 8GB of memory while the Luminex II has about 6GB. Although there is a lot of free space available, the Memory feature should not be used as an archive. The memory also stores dictionaries, j-defines made on the writer, user settings...
document Installing Luminex Software Updates
To download the Luminex Update program, do the following: Visit the Downloads section of our website by clicking here. Click Luminex on the left hand side. Then left click on the build number and save the file to your computer. NOTE: The download is in .zip format and will need to be...
document Formatting a USB Flash Drive for the Diamante
Any USB Flash Drive you purchase should already be formatted for use with your Luminex or Diamante but if your using an older USB Flash Drive it may need to be formatted first before copying files from the Diamante. This guide can also be used to format SD Cards for your Luminex, Diamante, élan...
document Maximum Number of Dictionary Entries on the Diamante/Luminex
The Diamante and Luminex can hold approximately 900,000 dictionary entries, depending on the size of the text entries in the dictionaries. The total number of combined personal and job dictionary entries cannot exceed 900,000.
document What size SD card will work in the Diamante and Luminex?
The Diamante and Luminex requires a minimum 1GB SD card, and can support SD cards up to 32 GB. Note: These requirements are for both the Data and Backup SD cards. Stenograph recommends SimpleTech®, Verbatim®, Kingston® or SanDisk® SD cards, although any high quality SD card is acceptable.
document Using the RTF2Writer Program
If you use CAT software other than Case CATalyst, you can load your personal dictionary onto your writer with the RTF2Writer conversion program. You will first need to have an RTF file of your personal dictionary from your CAT software. If you need to download and install the RTF2Writer program on...
document Export the Personal Dictionary via USB Cable
The following guide will go over the process of loading the Personal Dictionary onto a Luminex, Diamante, Stentura Fusion, and the élan Mira series of writers. Make sure you have the USB drivers for your writer installed on your computer. If not you can find the guide here. Connect the...
document USB 3.0 Cables with Stenograph Writers
USB 3.0 is the latest version of the popular USB standard and begun appearing on personal computers and laptops. One of it's main features is faster data transfer speeds for copying files to an external hard drive or USB flash drive. A USB 3.0 port is distinguishable from a USB 2.0 port by their...
document Installing Stenograph Writer Drivers in Case CATalyst
Installing Stenograph Writer Drivers in Case CATalyst Note: The following instructions are for users who are using Case CATalyst version 15 and above. If you are using Case CATalyst version 14 or below click here for information on how to install the drivers. Connect the writer to your computer...
document Installing Stenograph Writer Drivers on Windows 10
Installing Stenograph Writer Drivers on Windows 10 Note: If you are currently using Case CATalyst version 15 or above you can install the drivers in Case CATalyst. Click here for the instructions. Connect the writer to your computer with the USB cable and turn the writer on. Right click on...

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