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Case CATalyst
document System Requirements for Case CATalyst
NOTE: Case CATalyst version 12 and higher use our keyless security option called e-Key. If you are eligible for e-Key and haven't converted yet, please contact Stenograph Technical Support at 800-323-4247 for more information. Operating System Windows 10 Windows 8.1 Windows 7 Computer...
document Transitioning from EZKeys to Keyboard Maps and Macros
The concept of EZKeys – recording one or more keystrokes and then playing back those recorded keystrokes via the spacebar plus one other key originated with a much different operating system than the one(s) we use today, back in pre-DOS and DOS-based Xscribe CAT products in the form of "Spacebar...
document Case CATalyst Student Version Features
Case CATalyst Student Version Case CATalyst student version is for educational purposes. This version of software allows the user to access functions and features for the purpose of learning transcript production and dictionary maintenance. Certain features are limited or inaccessible. If you...

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