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news Ascend Training by Stenograph Is Here
15 Sep, 2020
Ascend Training by Stenograph is a learning community that provides exclusive on-demand content, access to live subject matter expertise, and peer-to-peer support to empower current and aspiring court reporting professionals to be more productive and profitable. It’s a web site, accessible by...

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document What is the largest Flash Drive I can use with my writer?
The Diamante, Luminex, and Luminex II will work with a Flash Drive that is up to 32GB in size.
document How much memory is on my writer?
The Diamante has about 64 MB of memory. The Luminex has about 8GB of memory while the Luminex II has about 6GB. Although there is a lot of free...
document Toggle Follow Realtime
Sometimes while writing realtime, there is a break in the proceedings and you want to start editing the job. You edit for about 15 minutes and then...
document What size SD card will work in the Diamante and Luminex?
The Diamante and Luminex requires a minimum 1GB SD card, and can support SD cards up to 32 GB. Note: These requirements are for both the Data and...
document RealTeam FAQ
RealTeam FAQ What is RealTeam? RealTeam™ is Stenograph’s simultaneous editing feature. RealTeam allows realtime editing (sharing of text,...

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document Convert an MP3 to a WAV using Audacity
Download and Install Audacity: NOTE: The following article is for informational purposes. Stenograph has no affiliation with Audactiy and does not...
document System Requirements for Case CATalyst
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 8.1 NOTE: Microsoft ended support of Windows 7 on January 14, 2020, and will no longer provide security...
document Enable Function Keys in Boot Camp
When using Windows on a Mac computer, the function keys (F1-F12) may not work properly when using programs like Case CATalyst. This is because, by...
document Installing Stenograph Writer Drivers in Case CATalyst
Installing Stenograph Writer Drivers in Case CATalyst Note: The following instructions are for users who are using Case CATalyst version 15 and...
document Installing Stenograph Writer Drivers on Windows 10
Installing Stenograph Writer Drivers on Windows 10 Note: If you are currently using Case CATalyst version 15 or above you can install the drivers in...

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